1.30-3.30pm 17th OCTOBER 2014

Chair: Dr Cecily Quinn, National Speciality Director, RCPI


1.30: Welcome

1.35-1.45 pm   Double immunohistochemistry enhances detection of lymphatic and venous invasion in early stage colorectal cancer

Ervine AJ, McBride HA, Kelly PJ, Loughrey MB

Department of Histopathology, Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast Trust, Grosvenor Road,


1.45-1.55 pm  Benign tumour wearing the cloak of villain, a case of a potential diagnostic pitfall

Dr L Aalto, Dr M. Sheehan,

Pathology Department, Galway University Hospital


1.55-2.05 pm  Malignant Primary Solitary Fibrous Tumour of the Liver: a Case Report

S. Mullins1, M. Casey3, G. Leonard4, J. Geoghegan2, N. Swan1

1,2, St Vincent’s Hospital, Dublin. 3,4 Galway University Hospital


2.05-2.15 pm  Collision Tumour of the colon – A tubular adenoma and goblet cell carcinoid. Case report with review of the literature.                                                                   

Dr C Murray, Dr G. Doherty, Mr S Martin, & Prof. K Sheahan. Department of Histopathology, Gastroenterology & Surgery, St Vincent’s University Hospital, Dublin 4.

2.15-2.25 pm  Haematological infiltration of the liver

Dr K. Culligan, Dr M. Sheehan.

Department of Histopathology & Cytology, University Hospital Galway.


2.25-2.35 pm  Quadruple wild type Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour (GIST) in Carney’s Triad – report of a case.

Ciaran Flynn, Martin Eatock, Phillipe Taniere, Kieran McManus, Andrew Kennedy, Damian McManus


2.35-2.45 pm  Solid-pseudopapillary neoplasm of the pancreas: a low-grade pancreatic tumor?

Yela R, Chelliah A, Bennett MW

Department of Histopathology, Cork University Hospital, Cork, Ireland


245-2.55 pm  C-KIT negative malignant gastric spindle cell tumour in a 70 year old female

Mutaz Mohammed Nur, Mary Hayes , Johnny O’ Mahony , Deirdre O’Hanlon , Michael W Bennett Department of Pathology, Cork University Hospital, Cork

Department of Surgery, South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital, Cork


2.55-3.05 pm  Behcet’s disease with colonic perforation: A case report

Dr Ruth Law, Dr Cian Muldoon. St James’s Hospital, Dublin


3.05-3.15 pm  Periampullary adenocarcinoma: CDX2 expression is a predictor of histologic subtype.

P. Molony, S. Prendeville, C. Ryan, A. O’Sullivan, C. O’Suilleabhain, D. Power, M.W. Bennett. Department of Pathology, Cork University Hospital, Cork


3.15-3.25 pm  Gastrointestinal Bleeding Secondary to Primary Amyloidosis : Two Interesting Cases

C Ryan, E Leen. Dept of Histopathology, Connolly Hospital Blanchardstown